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Phil has worked with people as both coach and therapist to identify unhelpful movement patterns and help his clients develop stronger, more integrated ways of moving. He is a strength and conditioning coach, a soft tissue therapist and the owner of The CrossFit Place.

His experience in corrective exercise led him to develop this area further and begin coaching the people in his clinic in healthier movement patterns to help avoid recurring injuries and increase fitness. He discovered CrossFit and saw that the functional movements used in the programming could be used effectively for rehabilitative and corrective work as well as improving the performance of elite athletes.

Phil is a certified Advanced Personal Trainer, holds the CrossFit level 1 and 2 certifications, is certified as CrossFit Kids trainer and is an LSSM certified sports and remedial masseur.

He also holds a degree in graphic design and a PGCE in Further Education and Training and has been a professional lecturer, designer and illustrator before retraining in his current field.

CrossFit Level One

David is homegrown by The CrossFit Place. After a rest period of three years from his first love, swimming, he found himself staring down a drain outside the original box after his first WOD, wondering where his fitness had gone.

Three years later he's 'doing things I never dreamed I could do' and loving every second. Having had the opportunity to shadow the Head Coaches, he's learnt a lot about applying the skills and techniques learnt, to other people.

Learning every day in a community (even a family, perhaps) of people who love what they do, and enjoy the time with each other is 'everything'.

Dave is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer.

In his spare time, which is negligible, he enjoys making movies, gaming, and coffee.

CrossFit Level One

In November 2017 I attended my first class at The CrossFit Place and I knew I had found something special. Great workouts and a community feel like no other. This kept me coming back for more, I was hooked! I quickly became a regular attendee and along with the coaching I received, my interest and love for CrossFit grew stronger each week.

Four years later, I completed my CF-L1 and I now get to be one of the coaches and ignite that love for CrossFit in others.