For those of you unable to make it, you can take a look at Caz's awesome performance down at the Battle of the Beasts 2015 competition.

WOD 2 and 3

WOD 2 - AMRAP 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30 Deadlift 65/45 Front Squats 65/45 ----- Score = Total Reps
WOD 3 - Chipper 30x Second Accumulative Handstand Hold, 15x T2B, 60x DU's, 15x T2B, 30x Pistols, 15x T2B, 60x DU's, 15x T2B, 30 x Second Accumulative Handstand Hold ----- Score: For Time / 10 Minute Time Cap


WOD 4 - Grace 30x Clean & Jerk 60/40, whilst EMOM 6x Overbar Burpees ----- Score = For Tim

You can also check out the final BOTB leaderboard here

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