Friday November 4th is our fancy dress party at the box! It's actually unofficially a late Halloween bash, but since we have so many people heading out to a CrossFit comp at actual Halloween, we're doing it on the 4th instead. Feel free to zombie up and look DEAD.......or not.......the only rule is not to turn up as yourself!


The plan is to have a nosh up in the form of a delicious hog roast and enjoy a drink or two and then dance the night away to appropriate toons with Dracula, Little Bo Peep or whoever else turns up.........its bring a bottle as usual if you wish to enjoy some alcohol or soft beverages.

We hope as many of the community can make it as possible. We as a team are looking forward to hanging out with some of our newer members in a less physically taxing environment!

The cost of the evening is £12.

Bring in your wonga to secure a booking and make any requests for vegan or vegetarian options......

Kick off is 7:30pm..............till late............


The CrossFit Team.

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